How to exit and return with Family Visit Visa

By Vandelft

Hello Qatar Living.

I am sponsored by my wife under an extended family visit visa (valid until December). We are planning to go to UK on September and come back to Qatar. Do I need an exit visa from Qatar? Is it possible to re-enter Qatar with the same (extended family visit) visa? Can u please inform the steps on how to come about this ordeal.

Many Thanks.

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By Sandeep_V• 4 years 2 months ago.

Hey Vandelft

Was your wife able to exit Qatar and re-enter on the same family visit visa? If so Could you please let me know how you had gone about with it? I am quite in the same situation.

Thanks in advance.

By Vandelft• 4 years 8 months ago.

Got it. Thanks!

By qatar fever• 4 years 8 months ago.
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qatar fever

You can go to immigration and request an exit and re entry on the same visit visa

By RADIUS• 4 years 8 months ago.
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your visit visa is good for 1 entry only not multiple entry, so u need to apply again for another entry once you're in UK.

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