How to renew an expired family visa ?

By razeen


My wife left from Qatar for her delivery on Nov 2010 and still she is in my home country (almost 8 months). Her Resident Permit was expired on Dec 2010.

Now i am planning to bring her and my 6 months old baby to Qatar. I inquired some people about the procedure I should follow and each one of them have given different answerers as follow:

1. It can be renewed by paying Qr.500

2. It can be renew by paying Qr.500. But duration should be less than 6 months out of Qatar.

3. It can be renew by paying Qr.500 in the case if the person is out of Qatar more than 6 months   and visa should be still valid

4. I should re apply for RP from the beginning.

5. I should cancel my visa first and reapply again.


So kindly let me know the exact procedure what i should follow by posting your comments


Thanks in advance.


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By portena41• 6 years 1 month ago.
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i read u.i have a question.i resigned from my job and i left qatar on september 30 2011,i think my sponsor provide noc for me,and i think they canceled my wife family visa expiry date is 9 july we want to come back.i asked some people they say,u can not bring ur wife becos when ur visa canceled,her visa also canceled for that u need apply for new visa.

do u know any information about this or do u know anybody,can help me? Thanks a lot.


By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.
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Thanks for you reply

My wife visa expired when she was in india.So i think i need to apply for her newly again.

One question still i need to close cancel my wife old visa.

Thanks & REgards


By razeen• 6 years 7 months ago.
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So far I did not get a proper reply for my post in Qatar Living. To know this answer I went all the places and I spend a lot of time for this. Anyway I am very glad to help you in this case as i have already gone through this process.As per this problem, you should reapply for a new visa. So pls do the following : 1. Go to Al Garafa Immigration Department and cancel your Wife’s old expired visa. 2. Go to Labor department and apply for a new visa as you did before(Full process with all necessary documents). 3. Once it is approved, get the VP number from Labor and go to Immigration department and print your Visa. * You can pay Qr.500 and renew your visa only under one condition. Example : Your Wife is out of Qatar more that 6 month and his Visa is still valid. Since her visa has been already expired when he is in your mother country, you should go again through all the process as you did before.I hope that the explanation above is clear to youregards,

By anonymous• 6 years 8 months ago.
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For me also same cause.

Please can any body suggest regarding above.



Rajaram Murali.


By razeen• 6 years 9 months ago.
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Hi, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. But still some portion of your answer is not clear for me. So kindly clarify the following: As per my post My Wife was under my sponsorship and she is out of Qatar more than 7 months and RP was already expired while her stay.   My baby was born in my home country and now 6 months old. Now i want to get both of them to Qatar. So as a Sponsor and Husband what i should do and what type of documents required to be submitted ?  * If you dont mind kindly send me an email to . So i can call you in order to discuss it over the phone. Thanks & regards

By sabiramesh• 6 years 9 months ago.
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The beneficiary has exceeded his stay outside the country for more than 6 months or his residency expired while outside the country.

2) To submit an application from the sponsor attached with a copy of passport for each sponsored person (who have stayed out side the country more than 6 months) and father and mother of the sponsored person.

• The beneficiary has exceeded 6 months outside the country and his residency is still valid.

• Present the application from the sponsor and attach a copy of the passport of the person who has exceeded the period, and a copy of the parents passports.

Companies and establishment sponsorships:

• The beneficiary of this visa has exceeded 6 months outside the country and his residency is still valid.

• Present the request from the sponsor attaching a copy of the sponsored passport of the person who has exceeded the period a copy of company registration form,along with 500 RIYAL

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