I have working visa direct hire, can I exit Philippines thru other countries?

By osiomg

I have a Qatar working visa (direct hire)and I need to be in Qatar first week of January 2011 due to very urgent business requirement. I have the ticket too MNL-DOHA provided by the company. The main problem is I don't have enough time to process for the requirements in order not to be hold in the airport. The following are the requirements:
1. Visa Stamping/Sticker/ Authentication thru DHL
Requirements: Valid passport, Medical, NBI, 2x2 photos
2. Exit clearance from POEA
Requirements: Stamped visa, contract, passport. 2x2pics
The above requirements needs 20-30 days to complete. I'm short of time to be in Qatar this first week of January 2011. Is it possible to travel as tourist with roundtrip ticket thru Bangkok, Hongkong or Singapore and fly from there to Qatar? Does the immigration of these said asian countries will check the authenticated/sticker/stamped visa? Does the immigration control in Qatar airport check this authenticated/sticker/stamped visa also?
Could someone advise on this matter very urgent? I feel I will lose my contract if I will not be in Qatar this first week of January. Thanks

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By carlo4273• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

There is no other option just to follow the proper procedure accordingly because nowadays the immigration officers on our country is very strict for those having tourist and business visa it will surely delay your departue here in doha it is better to process your working visa in a right procedure so that you can travel with no restrictions and no more worries.

By shotmaker_1022• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I have heard a lot doing that..you may by passed all the requirements by POEA and travel to either any of the countries you mentioned. Hongkong or Bangkok will be ideal I supposed, Ive read before, they only need to see your visa to Qatar, your ticket and there you can come to Doha..best of luck!!

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