Iara Letter

By ayazdeshmukh


I have been here for last 4 months and got my visa stamped my company has no more projects hence they told me to look for another job for the time being, so i need the following help

1) What is Iara Letter

2) When i can get IARA After completion of Six Months


3) After Completion of One Year

please help me out

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By saif_nfsus• 9 months 1 week ago.

Still not answered.. the question was, what if someone who is born in qatar and has completed only 6 months in a company, can he get IARA letter and work ? Will the ministry approve?

By yusuf800• 5 years 1 month ago.
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Iara form or sponsorship transfer form can be get in any of the typing centre. They will type the details for you for 5 QR.

Iara is a six months transfer to an another sponsor and this can be extended for an another six months.

So get the form and get it signed from your present sponsor with a NOC letter and give it to your new sponsor to process paper.

First you have to find a new job/sponsor on Iara/temprory six months basis.

Hope this will help you. Any how just confirm this with a proper PRO.

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