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Job Offer Letter From Qatar Company what is legal position

By nadeemakram

Hello ,

I got a Job offer from Qatar . I am Presently in UK . I signed the offer letter with some suggestions . Can any one please guide me . Is it a legal binding on me to join the Company in Qatar ?
If meanwhile I got a better job offer from Qatar from other company or any company in Gulf what is my leagal position .Am I bound to join Qatar Company where I have sent their Job offer letter . Please Advise?

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By nottmbantam• 7 years 3 months ago.
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Yes, from what daffodils is saying, it sounds about right. If you ARE going to withdraw, do it before the visa gets issued.

Have you sent them any documents yet? Copies of passport / certificates etc? If you haven't. then this might be a good thing, as they will need this info to start the ball rolling with your visa. If you have already sent it to them, then you may be too late...

Good Luck.

By daffodils2009• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

There wont any any problem, provided they haven't obtain a visa for you yet. If they already obtain a visa based on your acceptance, you cannot apply for another visa until the visa validity expires. Its better to send a communication to the company not to proceed with visa formalities as you are not able to join them. Good Luck.

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