maid visa:how to obtain it?

By han19

please help friends,
can you advise me as to how i need to go about getting a visa to bring a maid on my sponsorship?

1. whom do i approach?
2. what paperwork is required?
3. do u easily get visas for maids of your own nationality, like i am looking for an indian maid?
4. once you get a maid, then what?do u need to interact with the embassy for any purpose?
5. what is the salary that is usually given to maids on your sponsorship?
6. how much time does it take for the entire process, like if i submit today, when can i expect to have a maid with me, assuming i already know someone?

Any help will be appreciated, as I am at a dead end here, dont know how to go about it.


By ateeqrahaman• 7 years 2 months ago.

I have got a maid from Bangladesh and want to know what's further steps to get the resident permit for her. I should take her to medical commission for medicals just with the passport or anything else is required ?

By hathatouma• 8 years 1 month ago.

Hi everyone, we are small family looking for housemaid preferably if she is already on other sponsorship looking to transfer her visa!! or if there is any good agencies providing services to bring one with good commission!! Any help or suggestion will be appreciate. to contact please send Email to Best Regards

By dsankar• 9 years 3 months ago.

We are looking for a babysitter for our 8 m.o son. We live in Al Sadd. Please call 3314-0412 if interested.

By Johnson566• 10 years 3 months ago.

tfs !

By yurd2006• 12 years 5 months ago.

hi xxx_arian_xxx - pls. give me your contact number or pls call me at 5141425. thanks

By dagmawi• 12 years 5 months ago.

I agree with e46M3.But let me ask u....Q why you need maid visa from far...? for saving money ? There is to much housemaid looking for a job in doha .Can you try it before you pay to much for agents ?

By anonymous• 12 years 5 months ago.

if you know a person from Philippines then invite her to come by tourist or business visa..then convert her into work visa once she get in here.

By cmabate05• 12 years 5 months ago.

I saw your post and was wondering if you could offer a little advice. I am in contact with a lady in the Philippines. She already has a plane ticket and needs me to send her a work permit. She will then take the work permit to the Qatar Embassy in the Philippines and get a clear to travel. How do I go about getting a work permit for her and what is the process once she arrives in Doha? Thank you. Any pointers you can provide are greatly appreciated.

By monette• 12 years 5 months ago.

hi arian, happy new year

we are looking for a sponsor for our current maid. he will reach 1 year this coming february. now, we need to find a sponsorship for her to transfer. could you help me on this?

By xxx_arian_xxx• 12 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

maybe i can help you by visiting our office: JASSIM MANPOWER RECRUITING CO. we are actually providing housemaid. so far for now, we have applciations from Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. Our office is located near the immigration roundabout, if you reach in there, u will see the city petrol and the building of AL HILAL Pharmacy, at the end of that building there is ABUSADRA FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, we are in the second floor. hope we can help you. Thank You!

By happysw• 12 years 8 months ago.

I recently had the worst experience getting a housemaid from the Filipines. First the agency (which I will post their name later) asked for 7,000 Riyals to get us a housemaid. When she arrived (which only took a month), the agency basically said "Here she is, and here is her paperwork". I asked "Now what do I need to do?" They responded by saying I needed to go to immigration. And so begins the nightmare. I asked the agency if they had some type of OUTLINE to tell us step by step what needed to be done. They said NO. That they were only in charge of getting her here. Since she saw that we were completely lost she requested an additional 1,800 for the sponsor paperwork.....We said NO WAY! That should be part of the 7,000. If it is not then what was the purpose of paying you 7,000 Riyals? They said to bring her here. They also said that they needed to pay the agency in the Filipines. Come to find out, there is no agency in the Filipines. The housemaid later told us that her next door neighbor asked if she was interested in working here because she knew someone who is recruiting. A plane ticket is about 500-700 dollars. We paid almost $2,000US for her to get here. So the agency made 1,500 off of us and also requested an additional 1,800 riyals. EXTORTION. I say EXTORTION because in addition to all the money they were asking for the maid paid $300US application fee in the Filipines, and they also wanted her to pay half of her salary for 3 months once she got paid from us....The sad part is the agency is ran by Filipines.....Whatever happened to helping your people? Well we tried this on our own and asked other people who had to go through getting a housemaid for help. IN ADDITION TO THIS, they brought the housemaid here under a tourist VISA instead of a work VISA, so that meant that we had to pay an additional 500 riyals to changed her VISA to a work VISA. This agency promised us that she was here on a WORK VISA and that there would be no need to pay extra. HA!

I will continue this later by giving step by step directions on what to do once the housemaid is here.

I hope not all agencies are like this one.

By cdpascual• 13 years 5 months ago.

hey guys, what about housekeeping? are they different from maid's visa? we have a housekeeper in our company and I would like her to work for us at home and sponsor her as housekeeping, is that possible? they say I can have housekeeping transfer sponsorship as a housekeeping too,if that's possible, how do i go through the process? thanks and I would really appreciate your answers...

" I was born intelligent, but education ruined me..."

By agibson• 13 years 5 months ago.

Hello there,

I came across your communication regarding maids agencies in Doha from 2006.

I recently arrived in Doha and am faced with the same predicament getting a maid.

Do you feel anything has changed since 2006, is now easier to get a maid directly? Do you still think the agency you recommended then is worth approaching now?

Or can you suggest any others? How much does one pay a maid these days?

Many thanks in advance


By stealth• 14 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

han19, first you need to get approval from the Immigration to s sponsor a maid. You need to submit the salary certificate( both if wife is also working so as to meet the minimum salary requirement), NOC from your sponsor and marraige certificate I think. Once you get the approval then you take the salary certificate etc along with the approval slip from immigration and got to any of the agencies.

check these agencies

Hanady Est - 4327026 Al Asmakh area near AlQaed Mosque.

THey have indonesian and Ethiopian maids - service charge will come to around 6500 including the sponsorship fee.

AlWaleed - Near Mannai roundabout next to the petrol station. They have

FIlipino, Indonesian maids.

By Don Corleone• 14 years 8 months ago.
Don Corleone

Back to this subject. I need to get a maid from philippines which i know and my question is do i need an agent to get her since i have already a contact with her. i called the embassy and they said that i still need to go through an agent even if i know her. it didnt make sense to me. i will need to pay them 6k for doing nothng, cant i get her straight from philippines wothout any agent being involved. appreciate any help

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By han19• 15 years 8 months ago.

thankyou jaelee, its kind of you to give me the information.

i shall look into all the options here on. i have been here all my life, so no problem with rp alhamdullilah, its just that never felt the need to have a maid so didnt know anything about it, now certain circumstances demand the presence of one and insha'allah lets see how it comes about.

By jaelee• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Most importantly you can not do anything until you have your own residency permits sorted.

If you get a maid through an agency they handle everything. That is why it is so expensive. There is a lot of red tape to go through. You are responsible for visa renewals and medical. Once your maid has her residency permit you can get her a Hamad Medical Card (cost 100 QR per year).

If you go through an agency you will be given files to look through, once you have chosen a housemaid they are on 3 months probation ... this is for their benefit as much as yours. If it does not work out, then you choose another person.

A few years back a friend of ours brought in a house maid from the Philippines and it was a beaurucratic nightmare. His advice to us after that experience was to go through an agency. Not sure if times have changed since then ... but knowing here, doubt it. So bottom line, it can be done ... but be prepared for a lot of running around and headaches with paperwork.

By han19• 15 years 8 months ago.

sometime back when i had spoken to a recruiting agency they told me they would get me a good maid if i have a visa with me, now the point being, if i can get a visa, then i can get my own maid.

if like they said, i have to get my own visa, i need to know, how do i do that.bcos getting a maid is not the issue for me, its knowing how to get the visa.

i will call the agency you have given me, thank you for that, but do you know if they havdle visas as well.

By jaelee• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

A friend got her maid through this agency and the maid actually recommends them ... which is saying a lot!!

Allow approx 5000-6000 QR to set up having a maid through an agency.


Al Wacel (they are is the Ras Abud area)

ask for Rachel

Ph: 432 2355

Alternatively you could advertise for one in the papers, but that is a tedious task, lots of no shows and inappropriate people. Quite time consuming, but advantage would be you could meet them first.

By han19• 15 years 8 months ago.

thank you for your time and patience. i agree maids are no slaves n they need their respect, which they will get.she will be an important part of the family.if only all treated their household help more humanely and with love, instead of thinking they are doing a favour to them by being nice to them. afterall we are giving them our household to look after.

do u have the number of any recruiting agencies? or atleast suggest where i can look for the numbers

By e46M3• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

1. Maids are usually recruited through manpower agencies here. There are many of them, most are rubbish but will eventually get you one.

2. You will need to provide a basic letter from your employer that includes your salary. You will also need to provide a copy of your marriage contract, photocopies of your and your wife's Qatari ID, your, your wife's and children's passport photocopies including residence permit.

3. India no longer allows women to work abroad as maids.

4. When you sign the contract at the agency some of the documents are from the embassy of the prospective maid. That way they have info about you and you are bound to treat her humanely, in theory at least.

5. Salaries start at QAR 600. My advice is to pay her as much as you think is fair. Help celebrate occasions with her like festive seasons, birthday, etc. She's going to be part of the family, not a slave.

6. It will take a minimum of 6 weeks. It might take up to 2 months.

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