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Omani visa - cancellation

By the-birdie

This is again for my friend.
He had a job in Oman but resigned and left Oman for the last 5 months. He would like to cancel his Omani visa.
On Feb 10, he will be completing 180 days outside Oman. Is it a "natural death" for his visa ? Or is it compulsory he has to fly personally to Oman for cancellation ?

He got a job in Qatar and Qatari employr has sent him a visa. Can he come to Qatar and join ?.. Is it necessary for him to go to Oman for cancellation ?.... The Omani sponsor does not want him to leave ...

what are the alternative options ?

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By abo ahmed• 9 years 4 months ago.
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abo ahmed

Sure no need for Omani visa to be canceled because he got a Qtari visa already

By rb73• 9 years 4 months ago.

Your friend should approach Omani Embassy in your home country and they will stamp his passport for cancellation.

Your friend is creating a lot of confusion around. I wonder how he managed to leave the country if the sponsor did not want to cancel his visa even after accepting his resignation. Has he got all his dues paid by the previous sponsor after he resigned? If yes than, he should have done all the necessary paper work before departing Oman.

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