Qatar Embassy in Philippines requirements to be sent thru DHL; Qatar Embassy in Philippines contact number

By tech0223

To all kababayans,

I have just received the approval for my wife visa last week. I need your help for the ff concerns:

• I have read here at QL that only visa copy, passport and picture is to be sent thru DHL. I asked my wife to go to DHL in their province and they are asking a lot of things like Medical cert, NBI, passport and pics. I have heard that for husband visa there’s no need for Medical? One thing more, my wife told me the cost for DHL is 2550 pesos; oh God why everything’s too expensive now. Btw I asked one pinoy here who came last February he paid only 800 pesos in DHL. Sa mga kararating lng na under husband visa sana matulungan nyo ako.
• Does anybody have a new contact number of Qatar embassy in Manila? I tried to call these numbers pero not yet in service +63-2-8874944;+63-2-8874945;+63-2-8430727;+63-2-8874740. Dun sana ako magtatanong kaso di naman makontak. Any new number for Qatar embassy in manila?

Maraming salamat po in advance. Godbless


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By dartcort• 6 years 11 months ago.

hindi po qatar embassy ang tinutokoy ko, philippine embassy po sa doha ang sinasabi ko

By dartcort• 6 years 11 months ago.

correction po..hindi po qatar embassy. philippines embassy po sa doha ang tinutukoy ko..hindi po qatar embassy

By dartcort• 6 years 11 months ago.

paalala mga kabayan, medyo may pagkabastos ang ibang sumasagot sa telepono ng qatar embassy sa doha..mas mabuti na puntahan nyo nalang personal ang embassy kaysa tawagan baka mabadtrip lang kayo...paalala lang..

By babesphil• 7 years 10 months ago.

for family ( wife)

1. they need medical from accredited medical centre.( because they know that when your wife arrived in qatar she will undergo medical. so, they want to be sure that she is okey.

2. for NBI... same anyway she can get it in half a hour if she goes to NBI office early. i got mine 30 minutes only.

for the cost of DHL... punta siya sa ibang branch ng DHL at magtanong.

di ka makakonta ng personal sa embassy kahit punta ka pa doon.

By chadqa• 7 years 10 months ago.

You can call Qatar Embassy to Manila here is the number +632 8874944.

Based on my experiences when i took my brother here you have to follow this;

1. Go to DHL tell them that you will send some documents to Qatar embassy. (they know what to do with that.)

2. Your have to pay 800php for the traveller's check that they will include inside the documents. (this check will be taken by the embassy.)

3. You have to pay 2000+php for the DHL services. (Services fee)

4. Provide your exact address to the DHL because the document will be sent back to your wife after a week or two.

Documents required are the ff:

- Original Passport of you wife.

- Print out of visa from the ( colored )

- (Letter if any)

Then after a week or two your wife will receive the document, i mean her passport with sticker of the visa inside of the passport.

Hope it helps...

By treysdad• 7 years 10 months ago.


You can read this:

By cassy0515• 7 years 10 months ago.

kabayan your wife needs to take medical because she's under husband sponsorship if she's on family visit visa then no need just like my need for nbi..but she needs NBI here with red ribbon document when she apply for a job...goodluck

By tech0223• 7 years 10 months ago.

Thanks for all who had answered.Maraming salamat po.

Does anybody know which are the accredited medical clinic of Qatar embassy in the Philippines? Specially near Laguna or Batangas?

Godbless and mabuhay ang lahing pinoy!


By txtmeyt• 7 years 10 months ago.

You can never contact them on the phone, not even visit them personally. And even if you were able to talk to somebody on their line, they will just tell you to ask any DHL Office.

Just go for it, if you want your family here ASAP.

Goodluck again!

By carlo4273• 7 years 10 months ago.

Textmate is right kabayan just follow the instruction of DHL because they know all the requirements and for your info if she is under husband visa she need to go for a medical same what i did before with my wife hope it helps. Goodluck

By txtmeyt• 7 years 10 months ago.

Kabayan, one piece of advise! Just follow the instruction given by the DHL staff. They are the official carrier of Qatar Embassy in Philippines. All the information you mentioned about DHL requirements are authentic, including payment charge.

Reduce your headache and just provide them what documents they ask you to produce. Do not believed and ask any others opinion, which is all hearsay, it will only mislead you.

I have my family's documents process 2years ago with the same requirements you have mentioned.


By gtim• 7 years 10 months ago.

Tech, in which province are you? actually don't try to believe with that DHL people they are actually not realiable. It happened to my brother in-law who came here. They are asking also some requirements which are not necessary. You only need to send the copy of visa. original passport and photo to Qatar Embassy. No need for that medical certificates and whatsoever... Inform your wife to send only that requirements.and have to pay 750 or 800 only. Qatar Embassy will not going to pay attention in medical certificates, their only concern is visa authentication.

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