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Is there a way to get Exit Permit without sponsor's signature

By anonymous

Dear Friends,

Is there any ways to get exit permit without sponsors signature? The reason i am asking is my friend's company's local sponsor a Qatari and company directors( in Kuwait) are having some issues and the local sponsor is not signing any of the company documents.They planned to leave to native on 26th of Nov after 3 years and the company approved leave and issued the tickets.Recently got information that sponsor is not signing the documents and cant travel with out exit permit.Company Managers are not sure when this will be solved.
Could any one please help.
Appreciate any information and advise

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By shameem• 8 years 6 months ago.

I think as per the new sponsorship law your friend can leave Qatar if someone can stand as a gurantor for him. For this you have to obtain some official documentation from the police and court.

By jackofjerk• 8 years 6 months ago.

Computer Card, the name mentioned under those all will be eligible to sign the exit doc,

at the end its better to approach the embassy,

By Diplomat - me• 8 years 6 months ago.
Diplomat - me

i am agree with nicolidus

u have to check the company card.

By nicolidus• 8 years 6 months ago.
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It does not have to be the Qatari sponsor who signs the exit permit application. For each company there is an official signature card (computer card, 'al muncha')- whoever's signature is on the card for your company can sign the exit permit application. If the only signature on your company card is the Qatari sponsor then that is the only signature allowed. Without one of the official signatures you will not be able to leave the country.

By cruveck• 8 years 6 months ago.

Take the matter to Labour Law. They might be able to help you on issues like this. If not, i'm sure they will advice you what to do.

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