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umra visa

By rcpayfr

umra visa application for my wife family

my question is regarding umra visa, me & my family have residence visa for 1 year in Qatar, so we can apply visa application from Qatar for umra, but If my wife's mother and sister come for visit visa to here, is there any chance to go together by highway? can we apply for umra visa from Qatar?

thanks in advance..

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By pak.ique• 7 years 5 months ago.
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Good Morning Dear,

Regarding your question for umrah visa for your in law's.

yes they can go for umrah with you. once they enter in doha and finish the medical, you can apply the umrah visa through the Haj and Umrah agents, before apply visa for umrah, you should go to the immegration department at madina khalifa, and take an other re entry visa for your in law's, so after performing umrah they can come back to doha and can finish their rest of the visa period. the charges for re entry visa is Qr. 200 each.

I did the same thing for my Mom, and we perform our umrah in last ramadan2010.

God bless you and your family, Please remember us in your dua's.


By hms• 7 years 5 months ago.
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Yes there are possibility for them to go along with u, no problem, at all, but they should have visit visa valid for 3 months, and u should get their re entry visa through immigration office, then apply for umra visa and u can go, if any other querries are their please send me message.

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