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Validity of exit permit

By zippal

Hello everybody,

I will be leaving Qatar on the 1st of Nov'10. How many days ahead can I make my exit permit ready? I have heard that its valid for a week only, is it true?

Also, I am the sponsor for my 6 month old kid. Do I need to make a exit permit for him too if he is to leave Qatar with me?

Let me know.

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By zippal• 7 years 7 months ago.

Thanks for the information both of you. It helps very much.

By RVM• 7 years 7 months ago.
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It is better to take 2-3 days before departure. For dependent/family, no exit permit is required.

By nishantvshah• 7 years 7 months ago.
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Yes. Exit Permit is only valid for a week. Your dependents do not need exit permit as you are their sponsor. You will need an exit permit from ur employer.

hope that helps.

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