Visa for my wife

By Kaushik

Hi I am at present at Abu Dhabi and was asked by my company to relocate myself at Doha. I am with a International company and visa will be sponsored through dealer or our company in Doha.

I am being told by our dealer that
1) visa for Indian are usually not available nowadays

2) I wanted to shift with my family ( wife and 9 month old daughter but according to dealer that I can only sponsor my wife s visa after I am able to submit 6 month Qatar Bank statement after I get my residence and this a govt rule

That means I will not able bring my family to Qatar for around 8to 9 month which is not at acceptable to me at all

Can somebody please tell me if at all there is any such rule or is is here any way out so that I can shift to Qatar along with my family.

Please reply early as my entire decision of accepting the job depends on your answer

By getinandstayin• 15 Apr 2006 12:42
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Your family will need a visa in their own right to enter Qatar. I dont think they can get a visa on arrival so they will have to apply through qatar airways and book into a hotel. The visa is valid for 2 weeks and extendable for another 2 weeks, however, after this time, they have to leave and i dont expect that your RP will be ready by then.

It is best for you to come first, finalise your RP then make an application for your family.

I am not totally sure of the documentation requirements for family permits but i would guess you would need

passport copies of wife and children

your passport copy and RP copy

Passport sized photographs

marriage certificate

birth certificates of children

salary certificate from sponsor

No Objection letter from your sponsor

Your RP will take anything from 1 week to 8 weeks (ive seen this personally) depending on how eager your sponsor is. delays are usually because of sponsor indifference. Your family application should be straightforward (within 2 weeks) then your family will be issued with a permit to enter Qatar with the intent they will apply for an RP. Then the whole process of application is done for your family when they arrive.



By sayedazgar• 4 Jan 2011 22:22
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Respected Sir/Madam

I would like to know that my wife and son went to india dated 27/09/2010 she cannot come at least 8 months cause she is pegnent visa expiary date is 14/03/2011 my question is can i extend their visa date another 6 months is it possible?would u please help me and give the correct detail information in this regards.

By dweller• 15 Apr 2006 12:54
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I think your marriage certificate has to be authenticated by your embassy.

By lord_Mahe• 20 Jan 2009 11:11

I have been selected as Accountant by the Officials of the one of the leading cement company, Doha Qatar at Kochi, India on 8th July,2008. Consequent on confirmation from the Company, qatar, Agent retained my Passport and Medical Examination report on 22nd July, 2008.

Unfortunately, even after completion of almost seven month I have still not received any Offer of Employment from the company and any positive reply from the recruiting Agency despite frequent approach. Even after almost completing the seven months, now the question arises whether to keep expectation alive. Alternatively I compelled to initiate to find the address of company in the official website to contact Company directly several time but since last four months they told that we have applied for visa approval at the Qatar Govt and are still awaiting.

But last 31.12.2008 I have been able to contact to the person who is the HR Head of the company and he was the person who was at the time of interveiw, told that since last five month due to the Finance Manager left from the Company, the company could not been able to take decision. Now company have taken the decision and applied for visa and it will take another 20-25 days, so you will be informed accordingly.

Now, suggest me what to do, I have lost my patience. they even not sent the offer of employment then how I can hope. whether I can expect the appointment.

By dweller• 20 Jan 2009 22:57

I have no idea. I was last in Qatar in 2004 and live in Turkey. I am sure someone will be able to answer your query.

By getinandstayin• 10 Apr 2006 15:21

How does your company plan to get you a visa if they say indians are not getting residence permits now? Then they tell u that after getting it you will need to wait 6 months? im confused

Usually, to sponsor your family all you need is a residence permit yourself and meet the minimum salary requirements. Ive never heard of submitting bank statements. Usually a salary certificate is required.

Theres more info on this website



By dashah2712• 11 Jan 2012 17:50

Can some one guide that if i want to bring my family in qatar, is it require attestation of birth certificate of my child as per new rules? or only produce passport.

By steamy• 15 Apr 2006 16:46


Do you how long it takes to get work visa by QP? I just sent back the offer and i did all my med exam in doha during my interview two weeks ago.


By Kaushik• 10 Apr 2006 19:03

Dear GIASi thanx a lot , to avoid any further confusion let me make the question more objective

I just wanted to know that after receiving my residence can I immediately apply for my family visa?

How long does it take to get a family visa and what are the documents required?

Is there any provision that why going with work visa for the first time can I go with my family ?


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