visa status shown in MOI?

By arly

mga kababayan, thanks that i found this community that help our kababayan for the guidance for the processing things to be there in Qatar! i have some question to know with regards my status here as follows:

1. i have my visa from MOI website i need to know what it means its confusing is this visit or work visa?
Date of Issue: 2010-07-01
Entry Before : 2010-12-28
Description Of Visa Owner :Passport Holder
Visa Type :WORK VISA-One Vist
Purpose of Visa :VISIT
Duration of Residence: 5 year
Proffession : PROFESSIONAL

is this working visa? why is it purpose of visa is VISIT? the the duration of residence is 5 years? need some explanation for this?and 1 entry only? for 5 years i may not go home or go back then? and once im there what will the next process and what will be my status?

2. I am direct hired!what are things to do or requirements from immigration here in the Philippines for departure?

3. any suggestion that i may not go for POEA processing for this status?is this ok?

i will register then once i already sign my contract there as my employer told me that signing the contract will fallows once i'm there!this a problem in this case?

4. for the NBI clearance do i need to authenticate it from DFA here?

Please need some feedback that will help me regarding this matter!your answer will very appreciated and glad to know u as well... GOD BLESS You... hope to talk u asap...

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By mentoy101• 6 years 11 months ago.
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qatarisun, in Philippines, there is an agency there that is recruiting Filipino to work here in Qatar. So, i means that he already got job offer here in Qatar by means of an Agency in the Philippines.

Maybe you are confuse because, in a first place you are not a Filipino.

and to tell you the truth, that recruiting agency will get the half of your salary here in Qatar every month.

@allan yes there is a placement fee. and it must be equal to your salary here in qatar.

By qatarisun• 6 years 11 months ago.

what do you mean by "i;ll already have the requirements for working in qatar"?

and what kind of documents the agency is going to process?

your question is bit confusing..

Do you have a job offer from the employer in Qatar?

By allan ognita• 6 years 11 months ago.
allan ognita

good day to all of you !!! i;ll already have the requirements for working in qatar , my problem is the agency here in the philippines . they what me to pay for the placement and the procceing fee for them to process my documents . is that fair or is that the responsibilities of the employer . need advice on this matter a.s.a.p. already here 7 months and still can;t get to work because of the delays (before visit visa ).thanks and more power to all.

By marreddy• 7 years 4 months ago.


By janettedonos• 7 years 6 months ago.

good afternoon everyone, i just received my working visa but i am quite confused because the profession stated in my visa is WAITER which is different from my employment contract "assistant accounts clerk" . what should i do? actually i already emailed my employer regarding this but im still waiting for their reply.

I hope someone could help me about this.. anyone who knows.. Does the profession stated in my visa should also be my work as i went there?

Thanks ...

By meliza jimenez• 7 years 6 months ago.
meliza jimenez

My Husband working in qatar for 7 years, His company send me a work visa and employment contract,We have a friend work in agency here in the phil ca help me assist my Documents, when she saw my contract its already verify by the polo owwa, but she still looking a direct hire? as long as this agency is not right to process my documents, she send me to POEA and look which agency is auhorized to process my documents, but i found out name of my contract trace by the POEA was a black listed? so is no other way i can use this? How come the POLO OWWA Verify this contract if is not valid?

Pleased i need your help


By jjh• 7 years 7 months ago.

Marian there are lots of case happen in the Middle East that people apply for a particular job they wanted and ended up in a different job. for example one of our fellow country people applied as tutor, but she ended up as a nanny. Your case is vice verse they give you a secretarial visa when you originally applied for domestic job. So good luck! If that is the available visa they can get, that is what you can get. But in the end when you landed to Qatar and they process your visa I believe that is the time they will apply for the right position for you. So good luck!

By jjh• 7 years 7 months ago.

Visa would be normally in English and Arabic there are two colums in each page the left side is in English and the right side is in Arabic. As you know they write from right to let and English is left to right. so your contract will be written in English and Arabic. for both parties to understand the contract contents exactly the same as what it says in English and in Arabic. Good luck!

By anonymous• 7 years 7 months ago.

hi arly i have the same case with you regarding the hiring of my brother is it Job Offer is acceptable by the POEA for the processing of his OEC bec. as per his employer they will process his contract once he arrive here in Qatar so they cannot give him a copy of the contract your reply is greatly appreciated thanks in advance....

By anonymous• 7 years 7 months ago.

Is the Job Offer is acceptable by the POEA for processing of OEC? Because my brother employer cannot give him copy of the contract instead they will give a JOB OFFER as per them they will just process his contract once he arrive here in Qatar and at the same time will proceed w/ his medical for the processing of his RP. thanks in advance for your help.

By marian78• 7 years 7 months ago.

hi there! i need some clarification about my visa.... i just accepted an offer from expat employer in doha as domestic helper, but to my surprised the visa came here is for secretary, the agency told me that is just the same visa as domestic helper.... is she telling the truth? would it be a crime if i will let them process it... i havent signed any contract yet.... can i still back out??

By johnnymtan• 7 years 7 months ago.

i have the same problem but im a local hire now in doha is it the same procedure that i take? i already got my working visa it same as the above problem. what the next step now? thank you very much i appreciate your response

By anonymous• 7 years 8 months ago.

i just want to ask how can i check our status on moi...when i check it they ask me for a 12 digit visa application..but in my papers its only 6 can i check it?and i just want to ask if im going to print my visa before the eid..thank you...

By s_isale• 7 years 8 months ago.

English only......

By anonymous• 7 years 8 months ago.

pano po ba ako mkakapag check ng status ko sa moi..kc ang hinigingi po e 12 digits eh 6 digits lng ang nkalagay d2 sa akin form...saan ko po ba check sa visa application or visa enquiries?help some help..tnx..ang marerelease po ba ung visa ko before ng eid?kc balita ko po..before eid meron vacation ang goverment agency dyan ng 10days?

By lilylimson• 7 years 8 months ago.

hi! i have a question regarding work visa-one visit coz i will be assigned in qatar for 6months & my visa type is a work visa-one visit & im a resident here in uae (dubai). my family is settled in dubai so im planning every month to go to dubai, would there be any issues? i highly appreciate your advise.

Note:the sponsor in qatar won't provide RP i think coz our project will finish in 6months.

By arly• 7 years 8 months ago.

yeah, thanks... hope will my employer will send the contract that it must be need in OEC process... ok keep us updated!!!thanks again....

By plushed• 7 years 8 months ago.
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1. answered by qatarisun

in addition to that, as flor said, you need to send it to Qatar Embassy visa DHL (they know what to do already and knows the requirements) such as:

2 pcs passport size picture

printed visa copy

medical certificate

original passport.

2. & 3. yes, you need to go through POEA as long as it is WORK VISA. it is a MUST. get a schedule for the orientation -- PDOS (do not forget the attendance slip they will give you after!)


a)Medical certificate from an accredited clinic - (you can find the list in POEA)

b)NBI clearance (no, you do not need to authenticate)

c)your CONTRACT is a MUST -- signed by both parties

d)passport copy and stamped visa copy (in your passport)

e)slip/certificate that you have completed PDOS

then, you can pay for the OEC :)

By carlo4273• 7 years 8 months ago.
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I think its not possible for you to exit in the Philippines OEC is needed so that you cant exit in the country i know this well because i have the same situation before instead of having an agency you must do it by yourself like you told us your direct hired. hope it helps

By arly• 7 years 8 months ago.

please give me some info about what im asking here! thanks

By arly• 7 years 8 months ago.

thanks for info... by the way i'm getting problem with OEC, is it possible that i could still fly going Qatar even i don't have that OEC?

in my case my employer told me that contract will be given once i'm there, because i will still under go for medical process and registration for my employment with my sponsor and my entry visa is to enter employment there!!! so what will i do?

your information and suggestion is very appreciated, thanks again....

By flor1212• 7 years 9 months ago.
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it only means that instead of an agency doing the legwork, you will do it yourself. So you needto take your medical, wait for the result and attached it with your printed visa copy and together with your original passport, and send to Qatar embassy for stamping.

As for the OEC, follow the suggestion above!

By arly• 7 years 9 months ago.

thank you its a big help for your information... hope things will be fine so that i could go in Qatar soon for work....

By yv2r• 7 years 9 months ago.


By zhimingtang• 7 years 9 months ago.

post your email add here if you want more details from me.

By zhimingtang• 7 years 9 months ago.
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the contract should mention the basic salary, other benefits, transportation allowance, duration of your contract, working hours, grounds for termination from your job by your employer, grounds so you can resign from your company, and most importantly your company should be responsible for your repatriation in case of death.

By zhimingtang• 7 years 9 months ago.
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1. You will use that visa to enter Qatar / to visit Qatar. Once you are in Qatar that is the time your employer will process your residence/work permit usually valid for 2 years but it can be renewed. You can request from your employer to have multiple exit permit (so you can can enter/exit Qatar as you wish). Sometimes the company will give you an exit permit (not the multiple exit)so you can have vacation in Philippines.

2. In the immigration you have to show your Qatar Embassy Authenticated Visa (naka attach sa passport mo to), Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from POEA (parang resibo lang to kabayan).

Qatar embassy authentication process: Print the VISA from MOI then go to DHL and ask for the requirement for the authentication of your visa. For the OEC go to POEA( sa Ortigas) to know the requirements.

3. You have to go to POEA! you cant leave the country without the OEC. You need the copy of your contract from your employer this is one of the requirements for your OEC (This is the one that delayed my processing of OEC). Tell your employer to send a copy of your contract for you to accept their terms/conditions. (It is actually impossible to perfect a contract while the two parties are in different countries).

By qatarisun• 7 years 9 months ago.
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it IS a work visa.

Date of Issue: 2010-07-01

Entry Before : 2010-12-28 *** means you can enter Qatar any time within this time limit ***

Description Of Visa Owner :Passport Holder

Visa Type :WORK VISA-One Visit *** means visit for work purpose only***

Purpose of Visa :VISIT ***means that you are not immigrating here, your status is not immigrant, but visitor ***

Duration of Residence: 5 year ***work visa is issued for 5 years. Initial Residence permit, which is issued based on your Work Visa, might be 1 year, 2 years or 3 years (depends on your company), renewable up to 5 years. After 5 years they will have to re-issue your work visa in order to renew your RP.***


Visa Status : THE VISA NUMBER IS VALID FOR ONE ENTRY ONLY. ***means once you are here on the Work visa, you must process your residence permit without exiting qatar, i.e. you cannot exit qatar until your RP is stamped into your passport. If you still need to exit during the RP process, another visa (Re-entry) can be issued instead, which will obviously have different number. After you get your RP you can exit qatar, based on the Exit permit received from your sponsor. You cannot exit qatar without sponsor's permission.***

- Contract is signed once you are here, that's all right.

- Not familiar with the rules and regulations on Philippines side, but I know there are some strict requirements there.

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