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visit visa to work visa transfer plz help

By rameshkumarp

hi guys

can anyone tell me the exact time involved in transferring visit visa to work visa. i've already posted on ql,i got job offer from IT company and my visit visa is expiring on 28th december i have submitted document on thursday. plz tell me will i be fined for overstaying or my company can arrange work visa in three days..

plz help

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By rameshkumarp• 6 years 5 months ago.

@mayortolba: my visit visa has been extended twice.and i guess i dont have any option to extend my business visit visa (i entered doha on 1st oct and my visa got extended twice on 1st nov and 1st dec)...

at alex: my company told me that they will pay the penalty and i have submitted documents on time and since then they are responsible for me..

and what should i ask to my company now..will they give me any kinda visa copy or i have to much fine will company pay ?? coz they have already submitted my application. my PRO told me it will take two weeks time.(when i enquired about my visa type they told me that they are providing work visa and first three months is evaluation period.)

plz help

By Asmineqatar• 6 years 5 months ago.
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It depends on your PRO, it can even take 1 week.

By anonymous• 6 years 5 months ago.
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transferring of visit to work visa depends on your PRO and availabilities of the visa, if the Co has a block visa and your PRO is eager to get your work visa release on that tym, then u dont need to worry, but as per the normal process it will take 10 working days.. my advise,ask your Company or PRO how fast they can get your work visa 'transfer' please note, 'transfer' to passport,if they can manage to get it after few days of your visit visa expiry, then much better to pay fines and penality rather than going out of Qatar, and spend much more than the amount you are going to pay as fines...

By anonymous• 6 years 5 months ago.


Am in the same situation i submitted my documents on 23rd of October and i got my work permit approval on 28th of November thank don't worry just extend your visit visa one month so u will be in the safe side and maybe you will get your rp before don't worry.

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