What are the Phil Immigration requirements for tourist visa?

By cathy_28

Hello guys!

I bought tourist visa for my brother yesterday in one travel agency. And i have plan to bring him here before Christmas day. My question is what would be the requirements needed to show to Phil immig? And what other things they may ask? Because I heard a lot of Pinoy failed to come here using same visa. Please advice.

Any advices would be highly appreciated.

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By cathy_28• 6 years 4 months ago.

thanks a lot for info. I hope so that my brother will be here before Christmas without any hassle in Immigration.

I will post here, soon whatever happen.. Merry Christmas guys!

Have a blessed holidays!

By denzon• 6 years 4 months ago.
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It would be better for him to bring documents that he has a current job or business in the Phlippines to prove that he would be back in the country and would not work here in Qatar.

He should be able to answer the questions of the Immigration Offer with truth and confidence.

By seasons• 6 years 4 months ago.
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Wish you all the best to bring him before christmas..

By Anna1213• 6 years 4 months ago.
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Show-money and proofs that he will not come here in Qatar to work but just to visit you.

Any documentation that he can show the Philippine Immigration like Affidavit of Support from you showing your capabilities to support him during his stay here.

And the most important thing is he knows how to answer the question that the Philippine Immigration might asks him, coz I tell you Philippine Immigration have always doubt on Pinoys leaving the country via a visit/tourist visa.

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