what is NOC??

By gurl_aiskie20

What is NOC??? And how will I get that???? From whom or what specific offices will I get that??? If this is the only way I can get back here and work.

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By t_classic• 5 years 7 months ago.

It's not big to make others feel little. If you have nothing good say, don't say anything at all. Learn to be a bit humble. You may go further in life..

By ignoramusfools• 5 years 7 months ago.

Indian is the smartest ass on the planet don't ask dumb question to those intelligent people ULOL!

By silverstar• 5 years 7 months ago.

Are you so dumb or pretending to be dumb......even person who has been in Qatar for a day knows what is NOC.....why are you acting so dumb.....but if you are ....my sympathies are with you

By notears9• 5 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

Non objction certifcte...if u like to change ur job to other companies they must need noc from ur present embloyer

By abuyousuf0811• 5 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

non opjection certificate as i know

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