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It is good news for everyone as Qatar's 2018 budget, based on $45 oil price, is set to take capital spending to new levels.


Thu, December 14

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OIC summit declares East Jerusalem to be Palestinian capital

A summit of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation declares East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state.

The Met Department says there are chances of scattered rain until Monday

Qatar's Met Department has reported that there will likely be scattered rain in the country until Monday.

MEC orders company to shut down for two weeks following sale of expired item

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce orders a company to shut down for two weeks following the sale of expired item.

Ooredoo becomes world’s first to test a stable 5G experience via a live network

Ooredoo has become the world’s first company to test a stable 5G experience via a live network.

WATCH: Qatar Living visits Darb Al Saai!

The QL team visits Darb Al Saai - one of the biggest venues for celebrating National Day here in Qatar!

Darb Al Saai 2017 - gallery images

A peek into Darb Al Saai's National Day festivities.

Qatar may be a tiny country, but it's also home to the world’s largest indoor dome!

The Dome houses the Aspire Academy, which trains Qatar’s young sporting champions of the future.

Qatar's Father Emir

HH The Father Emir, who began his rule in 1995, was the main catalyst behind Qatar’s drastic reformations and rapid progress.

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Qatar National Day 2017 - celebrations and events

As Qatar National Day approaches this December, and the blockade of Qatar passes its six month mark, it is abundantly clear that this year’s celebr

QL's Top 7 Picks for National Day

This week we decided to switch things up and share the choice events for the days of celebration leading up to and after National Day.

8 ways to make the most of storage space at home

Finding ways to delegate and store things at home in a manner that is convenient and not unattractive can be a bit of a challenge.

QL interviews Gordon Ramsay

Qatar Living’s Dohalicious hosts Jorge and Gigi were able to catch up with Chef Gordon Ramsay for a quick chat about his plans for the Doha restaurants


WATCH: The week in review - 6th December, 2017

Qatar Living brings you this week's top news stories in the country, summarised and reviewed.

WATCH: QL Geeks - Qatar Cosplayers!

QL Geeks meets the Batman of Qatar and the rest of the

WATCH: Sealine road trip with the Chevrolet Trailblazer!

Where will the Chevrolet Trailblazer take YOU this winter?

WATCH: Red Bull Car Park Drift - Interview with Abdo Feghali

QL got to chat with Lebanese drifting legend Abdo Feghali at the Red Bull Car Park Drift on Friday.


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Darb Al Saai

Darb Al Saai, which can be translated as the “Route of the Messenger”, is a distinctive feature of Qatar National Day’s customary festivities.


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