Boz Jol Exhibition

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Qatar Living

Cultural Village Foundation – Katara in cooperation with the embassy of Kyrgyz Republic in the state of Qatar is hosting Boz Jol Exhibition.

“Boz Jol” is a symbolic representation of the world duality, where there is space for the choice of the Path - the innermost, Middle - the only true path to which a person goes his whole life.

Boz Jol, the Middle Path that expresses in the Kyrgyz philosophy the essence of the dialectical combine in the unity the opposites of light and darkness, the ability to live by the laws of mother nature that always keeps its balance.

Because the Middle Path is a path of the golden mean, the equilibrium path that determines peace in the world of people and the inner world of each person.

Since ancient times the Kyrgyz people lived in harmony with nature. This path is a sign of the nature of nomads. The path of a person who accommodated the Universe and the earth inside. This path is the unity of the microcosm and macrocosm. This is the path that leads to the level at which a balance is maintained between the right and left, right and wrong, heat and cold.

This path is the nature of the Kyrgyz people internal state, the law of equality, balance and path to the Universe.


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