Holy Kaaba Exhibition

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The ‘Holy Kaaba Exhibition’ taking place at Qatar National Library (QNL) until October 1 offers an exquisite look at the history of the cube-structured building, which is at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque in the city of Makkah and is the most sacred site of Islam.

Over 50 carefully curated items comprising photos, artworks, books, and manuscripts are featured in the exhibition offering deeper insights into the history of the Holy Kaaba.

The exhibit offers visitors a great opportunity to learn about the stages of the Holy Kaaba’s construction and its architectural features and adornment. 

The items on display draw attention to the religious and spiritual significance of the Holy Kaaba and reflect the deep effect the site has had on visitors for many centuries.

In addition to serving as an educational opportunity for visitors, the exhibition affirms the QNL’s influence as an institution of reference for Islamic history and the Arab culture, regionally and beyond.


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