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At Alahmadani Dental our goal is to meet the expectations of every patient who visits our dental clinic in Qatar. We understand that feeling great about your smile is very important, and so is the professional, high quality treatment and service you receive, and the empathy and understanding you sometimes need when you are in pain and/or distress. Two words describe our approach to your comfort: we listen. Above all else, we want you to always feel in control. We make sure that you are completely numb before we start any work! We ask for your feedback to ensure pain free anesthesia.



Our vision is to provide best quality needed health care, that is affordable and readily accessible to our community. We take this further by providing education on nutrition, lifestyle and complimentary health therapies to all people living in our community

Since 1995 we Have been unconditionally committed to providing a lifetime of optimum health care through contemporary high quality treatment.

At Al Ahmadani Medical Center we emphasize the importance of keeping up with the ever – changing advances in science and the most detailed patient care available. Today we have made this even more possible, fully equipped and determined to help you and your family reach and maintain a good health. 

Because we realized that prevention is better than cure, Alahmadani Medical Company started trading at the same time in the new center, importing quality goods and medical equipments to Qatar soil, with special emphasis on organic and natural products. 

Our center has the following branches:

  • Dental Clinic and Lab
  • Physiotherapy and Chiropractic department
  • Dermatology and Plastic Surgery department
  • Pharmacy
  • Training Department
  • Medical Services company
  • Aero medical department

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