Dr. Wandoor

Dr. Wandoor

Kind Attention to all Safety & Security Professionals, Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Head of Department, Plant Supervisors, Clients, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Engineers in Civil, Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing Units, Industries, Safety and Security Industries… & WSO Members...



WALLSTREET & Safety Catch


Cordially invites you for a training on


Training Program 1

"Accident Prevention"

On 23rd April, Thursday between 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Course Fee: QR 150/-.


For WSO – NOQ Members: QR 100/-.


Topics: Accident Prevention



* Reason for preventing Accidents 

* Relationship between accident, incident and near-miss 

* Reason for near miss reporting 

* Accident ration studies and their limitations 

* What causes the accident 

* Accident causation theories 

* Unsafe act & unsafe Condition 

* Direct & indirect cost raised from the  accidents 

* Accident cost Sheet 

* Accident prevention Strategy.


Training Program 2


"Safety Audit & Inspection"

On 24th April, Friday between 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm.

Course Fee: QR 150/-.


For WSO – NOQ Members: QR 100/-.




Introduction to HSE Management System



* Preparing the Audit Schedule 

* Detailed Audit Planning 

* Auditor’s Task 8 Nonconformity 

* Inspection 8 Purpose of Inspection 

* Difference Between Audit & Inspection 

* Types of Inspections 

* Qualities of Inspector 

* Checklist Development  

* Resources for Checklist 

* Safety Inspection Report


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+974 70739977 / 50642031 / 50403263


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Training Program:


Please forward to your friends and colleagues to participate this event and utilize the opportunity to gain some knowledge with an International Safety Specialist.


Special Discount for the both training attendees:


Course Fee for both Courses: QR 250/-

For WSO - NOQ Members: QR 175/-.