Working in Qatar

How long for working visa process?

By Karenafleek • 6 days 3 hours ago.

Hi all, It's been over 2months since HR applied for work visa.. Is this a general issue with Qatar work visa?

2 comments Aleem Ullah • 6 days 2 hours ago.

Fee payable to CID for complete ID cancellation to return on new visa?

By Aleem Ullah • 6 days 3 hours ago.

As per immigation department in Ministry of Interior, if company cancels your ID and contract is unfinished, you can't r


Unfinished contract but ID Cancelled and so how to enter Qatar?

By Kiyaz1 • 1 week 2 days ago.

Hi all, I just need some information. I left a company after serving 8 months of 5 year contract.

3 comments goodlittleboy • 1 week 1 day ago.

answers needed from Qatari experts!

By JJX • 1 week 2 days ago.

Hello thereI have three questions, and would like to have your helps. 1.Job offer VS job contractAfter a very long

6 comments goodlittleboy • 1 week 2 days ago.

CEID clearance for Q company job

By syedalkhor • 1 week 4 days ago.

Good day,Im currently working in private company and I got an offer from Q-company. Now new company asking me to su


Changing sponsorship approvals

By monirqa • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Hello guys, Is sponsorship changing approval stopped now?? Anybody know??? Advance thanks 🙏

1 comments mfasalam • 1 week 4 days ago.

Sponsorship changing paper

By monirqa • 2 weeks 6 days ago.

Greetings,I will Finish my contract by January. After finishing my contract I want to change my sponsor.


Visa Transfer even One year not completed ( only 3 month completed )

By patil1974 • 3 weeks 1 day ago.

I would like to ask, I transferred my visa to New Company on 27/11/2020, it is my second time transfer ,I want to know w

3 comments goodlittleboy • 3 weeks 1 day ago.

A repost from health as it applies to working- seeing a therapist

By Questioning • 3 weeks 4 days ago.

Hello allI'm looking for advice for my best friend.

1 comments goodlittleboy • 3 weeks 4 days ago.

What are the employers in Qatar looking for?

By Qatar Living • 4 weeks 16 hours ago.

Apart from the hard skills and soft skills the job providers normally seek in a potential candidate, these days they are


Sponsorship Change

By Javed.hhhh • 1 month 2 hours ago.

My new employer applied for sponsorship change , i recived first msg  stating Purpose - Change EmployerStatus

6 comments Cinderellagelina • 1 month 1 hour ago.

Big opportunity for limousine driver Urgent hiring

By DebRaj Rai • 1 month 22 hours ago.

Car : Hundai AscentModel : 2020Ownership transfer : within 2 years(Note : Priority to Nepali driver however all national


Nurse Trainee

By chinitavirn • 1 month 1 week ago.

Asking to those Nurses who might have an idea about Nurse Trainee:I just had my evaluation from QCHP this week and I was

2 comments randomstar22 • 1 month 1 week ago.

HELP: Position canceled after accepting Job offer and resignation from current employer.

By akifssa • 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Dear QL members,I had been offered a job at a new company, signed the job offer and the new company uploaded the change

2 comments Aleem Ullah • 1 month 1 week ago.

Interlock Subcontractor

By Cinderellagelina • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

 Density Engineering is looking for Interlock Subcontractor.Payment will be 15 days with Gurantee.Please contact me

4 comments Cinderellagelina • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

Mazin exploration al wafi group

By lhn • 1 month 3 weeks ago.

do you know the Mazin exploration company based in Abu dhabi?


MADLSA to resume process of issuing approval for labor recruitment from November 15

By QLNews • 2 months 1 week ago.

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs announced yesterday that it will resume the process

2 comments Rajaebinazer • 2 months 1 week ago.

Applications Work Permit

By Bos81 • 2 months 1 week ago.

Dear all,  I've been hired by a reputed Qatari company.

2 comments Angelo • 2 months 1 week ago.

Regarding New NOC Rules 2020

By Govardhana • 2 months 1 week ago.

Dear ALL,Anyone changed job with new NOC rules? I need to know the process.Regards,Govardhan


Can i join another company after cancelled my id

By Lahiru_udara • 2 months 2 weeks ago.

Hello everyonei need some help I'm from sri lanka i came to qatar before year ago for 2 year contract.After new governme

1 comments Mohd Elyas • 1 month 4 days ago.


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