Air-conditioned outdoor spaces in Qatar

Air-conditioned outdoor spaces in Qatar

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Qatar is home to a number of places that have transformed the desert country of 2.9 million population into one of the most desirable destinations all year around. Qatar isn't lacking in gorgeous architecture with stunning and unique features, and its global reputation for extreme building continues to grow as the country has been adding outdoor air-conditioned developments. 

Qatar is known for its hot and humid summers that stay for about 5 months of the year. But this doesn't mean you can not go out and around the country. Qatar is dotted with outdoor air-conditioned spaces, listed below are some of them: 

Al Gharafa Park

By the end of 2021, Qatar gifted its residents and citizens the first-ever park with air-conditioned jogging, cycling, and pedestrian tracks. This phenomenal park is situated in Al Gharafa on an area of about 50,000 square meters to serve around 3000 daily visitors of all age groups.  It is simply known as ‘’Al Gharafa Park’’, and is very close to Al Gharafa Sports Club and Thani Bin Jasim Stadium.

Al Gharrafa park with its strategic facility of air-conditioned tracks encourages the citizens and residents to choose a more active and healthy lifestyle even during the hotter months of the year. The park is beautiful, with ample greenery and trees providing a healthy environment for a fresh breath of air away from the bustle of the city. The park has:

  • 657-meter air-conditioned jogging tracks and pedestrian walkway
  • 639-meter cushioned bike path 
  • Two exercise areas equipped with fitness equipment
  • Children’s play area, divided according to age groups from 2-5 years and 6-12 years, also considering children with special needs.
  • Male and female prayer area

If you live in Al Gharafa or are planning to move here then this park proves to be a great facility for the residents living in this area. You will find a lot of villa compounds and stand-alone villas to rent in this area. Click here to view properties in Al Gharafa.

AlHazm Mall - Outdoor Area

The Arabic term Al Hazm translates into "the higher grounds" in the Qatari dialect. AlHazm mall is a landmark of unprecedented pure luxury rising in the heart of Doha. This hand-crafted architectural regal venue pays tribute to Italy's timeless classiness and Arabia's finest hospitality. 

Alhazm offers the ideal blend of high-end fashion boutiques, trendy restaurants, and cafés. Take a luxurious stroll in air-conditioned outdoor spaces of the mall. All the cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating and you’ll see most of the people sitting outdoors due to the cool outdoors. To conclude this mall in one word it would be - Luxury. The mall also has huge underground parking. 

Timings: Saturday - Thursday from 09:00 am till 12:00 am

Friday from 10:00 am till 12:00 am

The mall is situated in Al Markhiya. If you wish to live in this well-kept and modern area, click here to view properties in Al Markhiya.

21 High Street - Katara Cultural Village

Developed and managed by Ali Bin Ali Holding, ‘The Ultimate Outdoor Shopping Destination’ made its debut in March 2019. 21 High street is the ultimate outdoor shopping destination that also houses the popular luxury department store - Galeries Lafayette.  The street is where retail meets and celebrates art & culture along with fine dining. With a series of features, some of which are the first of their kind in Qatar, 21 High st offers a unique outdoor shopping experience with a regulated, cool, comfortable outdoor environment to enjoy throughout the year.

Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park adds a giant splash of green to the desert city. It is built as a multi-purpose public recreational space of Education City by Qatar Foundation.  The 130,000 square meter Oxygen Park acts as a green lung in Education City, inviting students and visitors alike to refresh.

A 1.6-kilometer running track winds its way around cooled, partially enclosed tunnels and covered walkways and the grounds contain sports pitches, a play garden, and walking tracks. 

The path and running tracks are embedded in the topography to create an exciting training ground with looping tracks, cooled tunnel segments, and steep hills. The night-time lighting scheme and refreshing water features provide an attractive setting for evening sports activities and individual workouts during cooler hours of the day. Mondays and Tuesdays are ladies-only days at the park!

Coming soon!

Lusail Boulevard

Lusail Boulevard in Downtown Lusail will be a dynamic, diverse, and unique shopping, commercial and residential destination. It will have a contemporary urban architecture and cosmopolitan high-street lifestyle feel – along a 1.3km avenue of pedestrian-friendly air-cooled walkways, extending to the iconic towers of Al Sa’ad Plaza. Its public realm, size, and buildings are modeled after the Avenue des Champs-Élysées; an international experience brought to life by prestige retail, leisure, and cultural activities with a GFA of 250,000 sqm.

Across the destination, a wide range of shopping and food outlets offers residents and visitors unique high-street lifestyle and leisure experiences. The commercial district’s urban plan is meticulously designed for pedestrian street shopping and dining, facilitating mobility through its connection to underground car parking, which will provide 2,000 parking spaces. Lusail Boulevard’s four tram stations will connect Downtown Lusail’s epicenter to the rest of Lusail and the city’s main tram stations.

The apartments in the city are located in several modern towers that have high-end amenities: swimming pools, gyms, a children’s play area, dedicated coffee shops, and breathtaking views of the futuristic Lusail Marina Promenade. If you wish to live here, click here to view properties in Lusail. 

West Walk

Ready for the longest outdoor cooling promenade in Qatar? West Walk on Al Sidr street, Al Waab will be the new cool and chilled-out retail, entertainment, and food destination throughout the year. Experience an amazing way of life with a luxury apartment at West Walk – within walking distance of offices, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment, a shopping mall, and almost everything you desire. West Walk will be a place where you can drive-thru or walk around to enjoy the cool environment. The promenade will feature shopping areas, cinemas, playgrounds, fitness centers, hotels, cafes & restaurants, and residential and office spaces. 

Al Waab is home to many gated compounds, a few apartments, and stand-alone villas. The villas are spacious with facilities of pools and maintenance along with 24/7 security.  If you wish to live here, click here to view properties in Al Waab. 


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