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medical test results

By jinnah

can anyone help me how we can check the status of medical test results online.. thanks

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By SEIRACHARLIE• 5 years 5 months ago.
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Go to Website

Select from the Drop-down menu. Enter the MC No or your VISA Number.

Strange but Happened to me. I took the Appointment date through one of the Agents.

Even on the 5th day after the medical, it was showing in the net as PENDING. While entering the date Enter the date on which you have taken the appointment (Usually Online or through Agents). Suppose you have taken Appointment on 27 and You did the medical on 28th. Enter 27 as the date. 99% Your result will show as "Pending" Even after 5 working days. Don't be panic. Go back to medical commission First go to Room 118. They will guide you to Room 41 (Radiology Secretary). He may take the MC number and ask you to come after 30 Mins. He may ask you to go to Blood section Counter and X Ray counter (I don't quietly remember the room #). Each of these places, When you show your MC number they check and update in their system. Now they ask you go Back to 41. He will check and Say go to 118. At 118 They will Check ur MC and will tell Go to 64. This is near to the reception where you enter. He will update your result and Say Kallass OK. Now check the above site with date 27 or 28 You will get FIT certificate.

The Problem was in the Mismatch in dates.

Moral. If you have taken an Appointment try to make it on the same date.

One more hint Best time to Go, If you are not a Labor is 430PM (There will be only very less people)

By anonymous• 8 years 2 months ago.

go to this site just click the link "click here to see the service"with a green ball then put your visa no or sponsor or husbans id no and also the date of medical you will get the result immediatly

By mohammedshikhil• 8 years 3 months ago.

see here....

By salaammk• 9 years 9 months ago.

please go to

and click below the 2nd one (left), type yor visa no. and the sponsor id....u will get the result.

By spanky1423• 9 years 9 months ago.

go to need your visa # and spponsor is only available in arabic...oce the arabic letters at the top is in color red.., then that means you need to report back to med com..if not, then everything is fine for you...

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